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ACTC Administration Only

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ACTC will only post positions which indicate Liberal Arts / Core Text course responsibilities, though other responsibilities and specialties may be indicated, too.

Modifications to originally submitted positions or credentials can be undertaken simply by reviewing the posting and submitting a new posting or credentials page with name and only those fields which have changed. Please check the "revision" box. The maximum number of revisions accepted after an original submission will be two.

Please fill in as much information as is applicable, using the TAB to advance to fields, and be sure to click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of this form.

Revision: Check here to submit an update to the previously posted position.
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To Submit a Position to the Position Available List, all required fields must be filled in. Also, it is a good idea to review all fields to make sure that your data entry is as you want it. ACTC is not responsible for incomplete, infelicitous, or erroneous data entered by users of the Submit a New Position page.

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