One of the most important games to be played by the Cherokee is
Stickball or A-ne-jo-di (Little Brother of War). An ancient game and
often very violent it was used as a way to settle disputes rather than
go to war. It is reported that often players would die, but this was
preferable to many dying and causing retaliation.

In prehistoric times, there were few rules and no set time limit on the
length of the game. Like hockey, the sticks could be used to hit or trip
opposing players. Today the game is stilled played, but is not violent and is played with the women as well. In today's version of the game women also win, as the men are reluctant to be too rough in their play.

For the ancient Cherokee, the games could also serve as preparation for young men to go on war parties by practicing skills useful in fighting. Although games were played mostly for fun they could involve heavy betting such as the game of chunkey, where two competors rolled a polished discoidal stone and threw spears at the spot it was going to come to rest with the closest throw winning.

Another game was cornstalk shooting, which was an archery contest where two or more opponents shot at a wall of horizontal cornstalks a few hundred feet away. The purpose was to not only be the first to hit the cornstalks, but also to penetrate as many cornstalks as possible. Heavy betting could accompany this game as well.

Other games, such as the basket game, were more ceremonial and
recreational in content. Small betting might accompany the game but they generally were less fierce and competitive than the other games.

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Question: Would competitive games be a better way
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