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16th Annual Conference
2010 Submitted Proposals List



Sponsored by
Seton Hall University
and Co-sponsored by
Centenary College of New Jersey, Columbia University, The College of New Jersey,
andThe Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

The Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ
Book Displays Second Floor near ACTC Registration Desk

Tentative Agenda

As of March 22, 2010

2:00-5:30 PM ACTC Board Meeting


6:00-7:00 PM Reception: ACTC Members and Conference Attendees
7:00-8:00 PM Dinner
8:00-9:00 PM Opening Plenary Address: David Tracy, Professor Emeritus of Catholic Studies and Professor of Theology and the Philosophy of Religions, University of Chicago. Title of Address: "Antigone Among the Greek Tragic Heroes."
7:30-8:10 AM Breakfast
8:10-9:05 AM Plenary Address: Cheung Chan Fai, Director of General Education and Professor of Philosophy, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Title of Address: "In Dialogue with Humanity and Nature: Reading Core Texts in the New General Education Foundation Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong."
9:20-11:50 AM Friday Morning Panels
Engaging Core Texts and Cultural Contexts in a Stand-alone General Studies Curriculum
Kate Ogden, "Compare & Contrast: Visual Texts in Art History Courses for the General Studies Curriculum"; Heather McGovern, "Using Fiction and Nonfiction by Barbara Kingsolver to Help Students Think Across Disciplines"; Sonia Gonsalves, "Re-examining the Other"; Carra Leah Hood, "The Accidental Core Text"; Linda Williamson Nelson, "African-American Aesthetics and Epistemologies in an Interdisciplinary Course."(5)
   Chair: Jamie Cromartie, Richard Stockton College
Suppose a Core Course of Eastern and Western Texts: What Might It Look Like?
Julie Chu Lee Chiu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, "Heart Sutra at the ’Heart of Dialogue with Humanity’ Core Course"; David M. Dolence, Dominican University, "Arts of War: Exploring Military Virtue and Human Nature Through Multiple Cultural Lenses"; M. David Eckel, Boston University, "Ashvaghosha’s Life of the Buddha as a Core Text"; Simon Kow, University of King’s College, "Bayle and Enlightenment Views of China"; Haishao Pang, Beijing Institute of Technology, "Chinese Classical Ceremony Literature: The Book of Rites"; James Kenneth Van Dover, Lincoln University, "The Detective and the Cave."(6)
   Chair: Bainard Cowan, University of Dallas
Principles and Arguments for Core Text Programs
Marlene Clark, City College of New York, CUNY, "Back to the Future: Core Texts and Contexts for College Writing"; Gavin T. Colvert, Assumption College, "Defending the Core: Notes from the Jailhouse"; Patricia Gaddis Dillon, Spalding University, "Connecting Disciplines and Students Through Core Texts: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior"; John Ruff, Valparaiso University, "Bessie, Bop, or Bach: What Langston Hughes’ ’Theme for English B’ Might Teach Us about Core Texts and Core Teaching"; John-Paul Spiro, Villanova University, "The Cultural Assumptions of Core Text Programs."(5)
   Chair: John Doody, Villanova University
Art and Liberal Arts: Programmatic Use of Visual Art & Core Texts
Ariela Freedman, Liberal Arts College/Concordia University, "Creating a Comics Core: Word and Image in the Canon"; Catherine Carter Goebel and Taddy Kalas, Augustana College, "Works of Art as Interdisciplinary Core Texts"; Deanne Kruse and Grete Stenersen, Saint Mary’s College of California, "The Core Text Seen Through Art: Three Examples"; Kirsten Lodge, Columbia University, "The ’World’ Outside the Text: Using Art in Teaching the Iliad."(6)
   Chair: Charles Hilken, Saint Mary’s College of California
Lyric Poetry: Inviting Eros into the Core
Seemee Ali, Carthage College, "Eros Disarmed: Simone Weil and Wallace Stevens"; Remica Bingham, Norfolk State University, "The Gospel of the Southern Road: Examining a Blues Aesthetic in the Works of Sterling Brown and Honorée Fanonne Jeffers"; Michael M. McShane, Carthage College, "Meantime: A period of Worldlessness in Shakespeare’s King Lear"; Steven Monte, College of Staten Island, CUNY; Lost-love Monologues: Prufrock and Crusoe in England"; David Southward, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "The Spell of Lyric Poetry."(5)
   Chair: Michael McShane, Carthage College
Creation, Crafting, and the Affective: Before, During, and After Nietzsche
Joshua Bachynski, York University, "If You Had Any Empathy at All, You Would Ditch Empathy as a Moral Concept"; Amy Sue Bush, Drexel University, "Affects, Character, and Engaging Perspectives in Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil"; Edwin Lee Conner, Kentucky State University, "Byron’s Vision of a World Without Cultural Context: the Metaphysics of Farewell"; Michael Harding, University of Dallas, "The Place of Religion in Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil"; Daniel Murphy, Saint Peter’s College, "Crafting the Soul Across Cultures."(5)
   Chair: David Shiner, Shimer College
Are We? Cogitating Descartes and the Alternatives to His Thought
Patrick Thomas Flynn, Benedictine University, "Cartesian World(s)"; Christina Hendricks, University of British Columbia, "Authority and Anonymity in Descartes’ Discourse on Method"; Charles Roy Hamaker, Saint Mary’s College of California, "Aristotle on Self-Awareness"; Joyce Lazier, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, "Teaching Critical Thinking by Reconstructing Descartes’ Meditations"; Neil Graham Robertson, University of King’s College, "Descartes’ Doubt and the Beginning of the Modern World"; Ian Gordon Stewart, University of King’s College, "Reading Descartes at College: Then and Now."(6)
   Chair: Tom Simone, Vermont University
Religious Thought of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Consequences for 21st Century Thinking
Chris Constas, Boston College, "Kierkegaard and the Contexts of Faith"; Christine Marie Fletcher, Benedictine University, "Drama and Religion or Religious Drama?" Jennifer Lyke, Richard Stockton College, "The Importance of Subjectivity in Understanding Religious Experience"; Dianne Perkins, Community College of Philadelphia, "A Prescient Core Text: Soren Kierkegaard’s The Present Age." (4)
   Chair: Greg Camp, Fresno Pacific University
20th Century Science Core Texts
Alix Dowling Fink, Longwood University, to be announced; David Otto Freier, Lynchburg College, "Cellular Diversity: A Biology Course Based in Core Texts"; Phillip R. Sloan, University of Notre Dame, "Reducing Biology to Physics: Rethinking Life"; Wing-Hung Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, "In Dialogue with Nature,: the First Core Text Science Course in the Chinese University of Hong Kong."(4)
   Chair: Pangratios Papacosta, Columbia College Chicago
Feminizing the Core
Gail S. Corso, Neumann University, and Colleen McDonough, Neumann University, "Interdisciplinariness in Alice McDermott’s Story, ’Robert of the Desert’"; Ann Dunn, University of North Carolina, "Unveiling Lucretia: Achieving a New Order through the Feminine"; Thomas Powers, Carthage College, "The (Ecclesiastical) Politics of the Wife of Bath"; Michael J. Smith, Norfolk State University, "The Theme of Emancipation of the African Woman in Une si longue letter by Mariama Bâ"; Karen Elizabeth Tatum, Norfolk State University, "Yes, You Can Love Jane Eyre."(6)
   Chair: Henrietta Morelli, University of Saskatchewan
Professional Education and the Need for Core Texts
Carol Jocelyn Pretlow, Norfolk State University, "A U.S. Supreme Court Case as Core Text: Studying International Law"; Vincent Joseph Rama, William Patterson University, "How to Illustrate Blind Ambition to a Business Student"; Peggy A. Russo and Alicia White, Pennsylvania State University, Mont Alto, "Orwell’s ’Shooting an Elephant’: An Ethical Case Study."(4)
   Chair: Dan Nuckols, Austin College
Core Texts and Cultural Journeys
Jeffrey Brautigam, Hanover College, "Reading in the Dark: Teaching a Novel of Fragmented Culture"; Keith Anthony Francis, Baylor University, "What Hath ’White Tiger’ to do with Waco?" Ronald Kostar, Independent Scholar, "Conversations with Great Dead Writers"; Stephanie G. Walker, Norfolk State University, "Who Am I? Exploring Individual and Communal Identity through Core Text Courses."(4)
   Chair: Jeffrey Brautigam, Hanover College
ACTC Workshop on Community College Grant Project
Tentatively scheduled to discuss implementation of the Grant should it be accepted by the grant agency
   Chair: J. Scott Lee

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12:05-12:55 PM Lunch
12:55-1:55 PM Plenary Speakers: Lynn Margulis, Distinguished Professor, Geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, "The Chimeric Self: Cognitively dissonant scientific, philosophical & theological views," and Dorion Sagan, Science Writer, title to be announced.
2:10-3:55 PM Friday Afternoon, First Panels
Constructing Our World: The Role of Environment-Shaping Arts in Liberal Education
Charlotte Patricia England, Salisbury University, "Dreaming the Garden: the Roman de la Rose and the History of Landscape Design"; Angela Victoria Kalinowski, University of Saskatchewan, "The Pantheon in Rome: Approaches to Architecture."(2)
   Chair: Pamela D. Johnston, Fresno Pacific University
Honors Programs and Core Texts
Emmanuel Babatunde, Lincoln University, "Customized Business Module of Education versus Education for Critical thinking and global leadership: John Henry Newman’s Idea of the University Revisited"; Christopher Metress, Samford University, "Fine things to take as models, base things - to avoid"; Hudson Reynolds, Saint Leo University, to be announced. This session will be used, as well, to discuss a national initiative in building core text honors programs.(3)
   Co-Chairs: Page Laws, Norfolk State University and the National Collegiate Honors Council; and J. Scott Lee, ACTC (respectively)
Does Engagement with Other Cultures Help Students to Read and Write?
Carrie-Ann Biondi, Marymount Manhattan College, "Out of One’s Mind and Engaging the World: Transcending Stereotypes in The Elegance of the Hedgehog"; John A. Gallucci, Colgate University, "Montaigne and Robert Frost, or the Geography of Literacy"; Larry Wilburn, Averett University, "Micromanaging the Absurd: Football, Pizza and Camus."(3)
   Chair: Randall Cream, University of South Carolina
African Core Texts and African Traditions: Reasons for Inclusion
Wade Edwards, Longwood University, "Language and Independence in Bâ’s So Long a Letter";Susan Gunn Pevar, Lincoln University,"Hélčne Berr’s Journal and Wole Soyinka’s You Must Set Forth at Dawn."(3)
   Chair: Remica Bingham, Norfolk State University
Eros and Isolation
Maureen Okun, Vancouver Island University, "Paradise Lost and Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach"; Randy Michael Olson, Saint Michael’s College, "Blind and Beggarly Eros in Flaubert’s Madam Bovary"; Christopher Lee Pipkin, Duquesne University, "’A Brother’s Dead Love’: Learning To Tolerate Non-erotic Love in the Non-West and in Twelfth Night."(3)
   Chair: Seemee Ali, Carthage College
Misinterpreting Core Texts: Contextual and Argumentative Corrections
Anna Lännström, Stonehill College, "Texts and Contexts: What Athens Teaches us about Plato’s Apology"; Pawel Stefan Zaleski, Polish Academy of Sciences, "Tocqueville on Political and Civilian Society"; John E. Sisko, The College of New Jersey, "On the Question of Teleological Explanation of Anaxagoras’ Philosophy."(3)
   Chair: Michael Hembree, Johnson County Community College
Ancient Tragedy, Modern Consequences
Kristina Julie Chew, Saint Peter’s College, "Translating Seneca’s Tragedies in the 21st Century"; Jeffery Galle, Emory University, "A Paideia for the Millennialists: King Lear Engages the Next Great Generation"; Peggy Heller, University of King’s College, "The Tragic City."(3)
   Chair: Patrick Downey, Saint Mary’s College of California
SPONSOR’S PANEL: SETON HALL UNIVERSITY Teaching the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in a Global Context
Mary Balkun, English Department, "The Bhagavad-Gita"; John Ranieri, Philosophy, "Teaching About Faith and Reason"; Anthony Sciglitano, Religious Studies, "Augustine’s The City of God".
   Chair: Roseanne Mirabella, Seton Hall University
Constantine, the Bishops, the Bible, and the Creation of the Nicene Creed in 325 C.E.
This session on pedagogy introduces a month-long game (no computers!) in the "Reacting to the Past" series in which students are assigned roles based on classic texts.
   Leaders: Frank G. Kirkpatrick, Trinity College; and Richard G. Powers, College of Staten Island, CUNY, "Creating Great Texts: The Nicene Creed through ’Reacting to the Past’."
Core Texts, Canons, and Deciding What to Use
Peg Downes, University of North Carolina at Asheville, "’Paired Programming’ and Disparate Gears: Engaging the World in Core Text Education"; Rodger Jackson, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, "Negotiating Core Texts with Others"; Livinius Odozor, University of Illinois at Springfield, "Alas! Things Fall Apart is a Core Text"; Benjamin Westervelt, Lewis & Clark College, "Wrestling with the God(s)."(4)
   Chair: Ronald Weber, University of Texas at El Paso
If Morality is for Everyone, Then Why is Moral Thought So Hard?
Jennifer Bralick, University of Dallas, "Machiavelli as Teachers: Teaching Readers to Read and Conspirators to Conspire"; Jarrett A. Carty, Concordia University, "Machiavelli’s History of Florence as a Core Text?" Edward John Harpham, University of Texas at Dallas, "Conscience, Culture, and Moral Rules in Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments"; Stephen Wirls, Rhodes College, "A Confrontation of Moral Realisms: Kant and Machiavelli."(4)
   Chair: Anne Leavitt, Vancouver Island University
Including Science Texts & Considerations of Science in Core Text Programs
Rodolfo Hernandez, Louisiana State University, "Euclid and the Broadening of Lincoln’s Mind"; Alfred R. Martin, Benedictine University, "Science Illiteracy and the Degradation of American Democracy"; Pangratios Papacosta, Columbia College of Chicago, "The Value of Core Texts in Science Education"; James Woelfel, University of Kansas, "’The Beautiful Necessity’: Idealism and Science in Emerson’s ’Fate’."(4)
   Chair: Rick Kamber, College of New Jersey

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4:15-6:00 PM Friday Afternoon, Second Session Panels
Centenary College Students and Their Core Texts
Joseph Pascale, "A Nightmare Vision of the Future: Kafka’s The Castle"; Tracy Marmorato, Centenary College of New Jersey, "Playing Satan: Richard III’s Final Revelation"; Christine McLaughlin, Centenary College of New Jersey, "The Three Caskets as Mirrors in The Merchant of Venice"; Laura Tykowski, Centenary College of New Jersey, "Titus Andronicus as Shakespeare’s Thematic Prolepsis"; Amy Vadala, Centenary College of New Jersey, "’For Exercise He Reads the Sports Pages’: Digital Technology and Virtual Living".
   Chair: John R. Holt, Department of English, Centenary College
Can Those Before Darwin Help to Understand Evolution?
Richard England, Salisbury University, "Beyond the Watchmaker: Investigating Subtleties of Design in Paley’s Natural Theology;" Brian P. Schwartz, Carthage College, "Aristotle, Darwin, and the Origin of ’Species’: Understanding Evolution through Core Texts."(2)
   Chair: Tim Haresign, Richard Stockton College
Christian Humanism: Renaissance to Modernity
Prescott Evarts, Monmouth University, "Using George Herbert’s Christian Humanism and Robert Pinsky’s ’Shirt’"; Charles Fisher, Aims Community College, "Tapestry: Christian and Classical Mélange in C. S. Lewis’ Pelerandra and Till We Have Faces"; Mark Meyers, University of Saskatchewan, "Rabelais and His Contexts."(3)
   Chair: Marc A. LePain, Assumption College
The Greater Virtues: Their Extension in Thought, Time, and Place
Kieran Bonner, "Socrates and Crito; an encounter between the world of friends and family and the world of the Laws of the City." Ann Charney Colmo, Dominican University, "Aristotle’s Great Virtues"; Joseph M. Knippenberg, Oglethorpe University, "’Statesmanlike Medicine’: Socratic Reflections on Justice, Community, and Healthcare"; Kathleen Kelly, Babson College, "Using Nussbaum to Link the Apology and Crito to the Responsible Global Citizen."(4)
   Chair: Roderick Hughes, St. Bonaventure University
Ego, Honor, and Responsibility to Others: Hobbes, Smith, and Heidegger
Saint Anselm College, "Egoism Confronting Itself: Hobbes versus the Fool"; Morton E. Winston, The College of New Jersey, "Responsibilities to Future Generations: What’s in it for me?" (2)
   Chair: Michael Chiariello, St. Bonaventure University
Race and Students: Are Teachers, Texts, and Students Seeing the Same Thing?
Vincent Ray Gaddis, Benedictine University, "Revolution in Values: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Struggle for Racial Democracy"; Peggy Pittas, Lynchburg College, "Engaging Worlds: Multiple and Generational Views on the Writings of W.E.B DuBois, Booker T. Washington, and Martin Luther King, Jr."; Marc B. Sable, Bethany College, "Discussing Race in the Classroom: Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia."(3)
   Chair: Stephen C. Zelnick, Temple University
Love and Friendship in Augustine
Margaret Irene Hughes, Fordham University, "The Demands of Love: Awareness of Worlds in Reading St. Augustine’s Confessions"; Cynthia Alice Wells, Messiah College, "Friendship Conversion(s): Augustine’s Confessions as Formation of the Common Good"; Jonathan Yates, Villanova University, "Ciceronian or Christian? The Sources for Augustine’s Views of Friendship."(3)
   Chair: David Sweet, University of Dallas
Texting: Perennial Conversations and Questions within the Western Tradition
Christina Cammarano, Columbia University, "Reading Core Texts as an Exercise in Otherness"; Will Geisler, University of Dallas, "Zosima at the Piraeus - Socratic Investigations in Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov"; Ken Howarth, Mercer Community College, "She-lunking Plato’s Cave"; Kathleen Hull, Rutgers University, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Core Texts."(4)
   Chair: Ken Parker, Orange Coast County Community College
Art and Aesthetics: Counter (to) Culture?
Charles Bashaw, Champlain College, "Kant, Goethe, Emerson, and the Limits of Understanding"; Erik Liddell, Eastern Kentucky University, "World-Weariness: Escape and Critique in Baudelaire and Camus"; Thornton Lockwood, Boston University, "Cultural Context in Classical Notions of Moral Beauty: Aristotle’s kalon and Cicero’s honestum"; Mark Walter, Aurora University, "Beauty’s Contexts: the Symposium, then and now."(4)
   Chair: Martin Tracey, Benedictine University
Apathy, Akrasia, Alienation and their Opposite, Hunger: Getting Out of Bed to Read Core Texts
Mark R. Brouwer, Wabash College, "Raskolnikov and Akrasia"; Allen Carey, University of Dallas, "Tocqueville and the Challenge of Apathy"; Merritt Moseley, University of North Carolina at Asheville, "Hunger as Appetite and Metaphor"; Lamiaa Youssef, Norfolk State University, "Teaching Browning’s ’My Last Duchess’ in the 21st Century: Challenges and Practices." (4)
   Chair: Steven Affeldt, Independent Scholar
Expanding the Core: Contributions of Hispanic Culture to Core Texts and Courses
Mark DeStephano, Saint Peter’s College, "Bartolomé de Las Casas’ Defense of Indigenous Peoples: Core Texts, Cultural Clashes, and the Liberal Arts"; Robert M. Gardner, Saint Mary’s College of California, "Unamuno-A Philosopher for Today’s Youth"; Chad Redwing, Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, "Cultural Remoteness and the Poetic Bridge: Latin American Core Texts and Educating Through Internationalism."(3)
   Chair: Frances Sweeney, Saint Mary’s College of California
Natural Right, Natural Law, and Human Freedom
Michelle Brady, Xavier University, "The Unity of the Good in Aristotle"; John Ray, Xavier University, "Are there Natural Duties? The Problem of Moral Obligation in Locke’s Second Treatise"; Joseph Raymond Reiser, Colby College, "Rousseau’s Republican Rhetoric"; Frank James Rohmer, Austin College, "Covering the Defects of Naked Nature: The Pleasing Illusions of Human Artifice."(4)
   Chair: Tom Pangle, University of Texas
Advice in Ancient Texts
Pamela D. Johnston, Fresno Pacific University, "Advice-Giving in Plautus"; W. Marshall Johnston, Fresno Pacific University, "Stories of People and Cultures"; Seth Kendall, Georgia Gwinnett College, "Advice Gone Awry: The Senate’s Refusal to Hear Allied Emissaries on the Outbreak of the Bellum Sociale"; Richard Samuel Rawls, Georgia Gwinnett College, "Advice and Cultural Assimilation in Gregory of Tours."(4)
   Chair: Jeff Osborne, Murray State University
Statistics and Science as Reasoning, Inference, and Critical Thinking
Edward Guetti, Seton Hall University, and Joan Guetti, Seton Hall University, "Information and Inference"; Roy S. Hutchison, Richard Stockton College, "The Novum Organum and the Baconian Method of Reasoning"(3-4)
   Chair: Robert D. Anderson, Saint Anselm College
Workshop on Annual Conference at Yale University, 2010: Discussing the theme of Excellence in Education through Core Texts
This panel seeks to explore a theme statement, tentatively suggested above, and ways and means by which college and university faculty and administrators, particularly in the humanities or those with sympathies for humanistic education, might be drawn to the 2010 conference through explorations of liberal arts, common core text education and the excellence it affords. Faculty from co-sponsoring institutions or potential co-sponsoring institutions, and those concerned with the advantages of core text curricula for promoting humanistic education are invited to attend.
   Chairs: Norma Thompson, Yale University; J. Scott Lee, ACTC

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7:30-8:10 AM Breakfast
8:10-9:05 AM Plenary Address: Richard Kamber, President of ACTC, College of New Jersey. Title of Presidential Address: "Hope, Faith, and Clarity."
9:20-11:50 AM Saturday Morning Panels
Panel to be announced
Encounters of Cultures: Divided Selves, Divided Groups, and the Possibilities of Unity
Eliza F. Kent, Colgate University, "Psyche, Soma, Polis: Sickness and Selfhood in Victorian Europe and Contemporary India"; Lyndall Nairn, Lynchburg College, "Engaging Cultures: Is the Melting Pot Still Cooking?" Christina Macfarlane Root, Saint Michael’s College, "The Disenchantment of the West: E. M. Forester and Max Weber on the Enlightenment Tradition"; Tim Mackin, Saint Michael’s College, "The Problem with Engaging Worlds: E. M. Forester’s Suspicion of Culture"; Steven F. White, Mount St. Mary’s University, "Camus’ Guests."(5)
   Chair: Jim Roney, Juanita College
Nature and Regime, Aristotle and Otherwise
James Matthew Despres, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, "The Un-Aristotelianism of Heidegger’s Aristotle"; Molly Brigid Flynn, Assumption College, "Economic Factions as Forces of Nature in Aristotle’s Politics"; Brian Joseph Fox, Graduate Center CUNY, "Aristotle on Carl Schmitt’s Friend/Enemy Distinction"; Dennis R. McGrath, "Human Nature and Republican Constitutionalism in The Federalist Papers"; Dan Lee Nuckols, Austin College, "Repositioning Aristotle in the History of Economic Thought: The First Creation of an Economic Context."(5)
   Chair: Molly Flynn, Assumption College
Re-telling the Tale
Karen Cherewatuk, St. Olaf College, "Cross Worlds in Walcott’s Omeros"; Martin F. Kearney, Southeastern Louisiana University, "Crossed Cultural and Discipline Boundaries in John Banville’s The Infinities"; Richard Law, Alvernia University, "Icarus Then and Now"; Michael John Lee, Hunterdon Central Regional High School, "Odysseus, The Original Gangster: The Case for a Student-Friendly "Rap Translation" of Homer’s Epic"; Kim Paffenroth, Iona College, "Retelling Core Texts: A Teacher’s and Writer’s Perspective."(5)
   Chair: Edwin Lee Conner, Kentucky State University
The Oxford Scholars Abroad Program
Karen Jenkins, University Relations; Robert Schuettinger, President.
The Enlightenment as a Literary Achievement
Vince Brewton, University of North Alabama, "B.F. Forever: Inscribing Core Values in an Historicized Reading of Franklin’s Autobiography"; Henry C. Clark, Clemson University, "Montesquieu’s Persian Letters and the Uses of Comparativism"; Geoffrey Cyril Kellow, Carleton University, "The Rhetoric of Work, Wealth, and Virtue in the Wealth of Nations"; Arlene Wilner, Rider University, "’Not merely to say things which have never been said before’: Originality in the Enlightenment and Information Age"; Sanford Zale, Champlain College, "If You Can Only Read One Enlightenment Text with Your Students, What Should It Be? A case for Pope’s Essay on Man."(5)
   Chair: Thomas K. Lindsay, Shimer College
From Individuals through Cultures to Worlds: The Powers of the Novel
James Eugene Ayers, Louisiana State University, "A Global Region: The Trans-national Imagination in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!"; Kathleen Burk, University of Dallas, "Delta Autumn Engulfed: Faulkner’s Cultural Shock"; Bainard Cowan, University of Dallas, "Engaging Cultural Context: The Novel and Enveloping Action"; Robert Riley Mayer, Champlain College, "Melville was No Fluke".(5)
   Chair: Daniel Born, Great Books Foundation
Virtue, Love, and the Good Life through the Ages
Christopher Anadale, Mount St. Mary’s University, "Teaching Pascal in Modern and Post-modern Contexts"; Patrick Downey, Saint Mary’s College of California, "The Myth of Protagoras and Modern Political Thought"; Keith G. Fennen, Miami University, "Virtue and the Divine in the Thought of Descartes and Pascal"; Ryan Robert Gorman, University of Dallas, "Thomas Aquinas on War and Charity"; Michael Pitts Krom, Saint Vincent College, "The Function of Love: Alcibiades contra Socrates in Plato’s Symposium."(5)
   Chair: Michael Krom, Saint Vincent College
Engaging the Natural World: Core Texts & Cultural Contexts in Ecology
William James Cromartie, Richard Stockton College, "Engaging Ecology, Worlds, and Hyper-worlds in G. E. Hutchinson"; John Kevin Doyle, Benedictine University, "Modern Environmental Texts as Central/Core to Campus Conversation"; Marian Glenn, Seton Hall University, "Deerly Beloved: Into the Woods with Generation Y"; Jean-Marie Kauth, Benedictine University, "Silko’s Ceremony as a Core Text: Natural and Unnatural Worlds"; Kevin Vogel, Benedictine University, "The Tradition of the Thought Experiment and the New Science of Ecology."(5)
   Chair: William James Cromartie, Richard Stockton College
Liberal Education & Civic Education in the Context of Canada’s Political Culture
Janet Ajzenstat, McMaster University, to be announced; Thomas Bateman, St. Thomas University, "Tocqueville’s Civic Associations and the Canadian Constitutional Politics of Diversity"; Patrick Malcolmson, St. Thomas University, "Finding the Mean in Henry Adams’ Democracy: A Novel"; Robert Michael Timko, Mansfield University, "John Clarke Murray on Human Dignity within the Context of Labour and Property Reform;" Waller R. Newell, Carleton University, to be announced.(5)
   Chair: David Livingstone, Vancouver Island University
An African-American Core of Texts
Karen Yvette Holmes, Norfolk State University, "A Journey to Self: A Psychological Analysis of Fauset’s ’Plum Bun: A Novel Without a Moral"; Cathy Madora Jackson, Norfolk State University, "Mama Day, A ’downhome’ Blues Song that Sows and Reaps"; Page Raboteau Laws, Norfolk State University, "’He winces not,’: Teaching the Souls of Black Folk at an HBCU"; Hollis Robbins, Johns Hopkins University, "Teaching Douglass as a Master Rhetorician"; Bill Slakey, Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, "Irony, Ideas, and the Development of Identity."(5)
   Chair: Wade Edwards, Longwood University
Intersecting Origins: Philosophy, Theogony, Poetry
Chara Armon, Villanova University, "Basil the Great and Augustine on Genesis, Humanity, and the Natural World"; Ronald Keith Haflidson, University of King’s College, "The Many Worlds of Genesis 1: Augustine on the Diversity of Scriptural Interpretations in Confessions 12"; David R. Sweet, University of Dallas, "Some Principles of Hesiod’s Theogony"; Edgar Antonio Vélez, Columbus State Community College, "Genesis 1: Generally Known but Poorly Understood."(5)
   Chair: Peg Downes, University of North Carolina at Asheville
On Reading
Elza C. Tiner, Lynchburg College, "Quomodo Scimus (How do we know?) Reading, Writing, and Speaking from Primary Sources in Elementary Latin"; Paul Dry, Paul Dry Books, "Why Read Walden?" Jorge López-Cortina, Seton Hall University, "Dying as Socrates, Killing as Arjuna, and Being Able to Tell the Difference: Varying Teaching Styles According to the Text"; Ana Maria Gonzalez, Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, "Reading Pericles’ ’Funeral Oration’ in the Caribbean: The Challenge of Integrating a Core Text Curriculum in the Humanities Program at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar in Cartagena, Colombia"; Tom Simone, University of Vermont, "Ulysses and the Science of Reading."(5)
   Chair: Jane Shaw, John W. Pope Center for Higher Education
Cultural Contribution or Cultural Envy? One Culture Looks to Another
Benjamin V. Beier, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentis: The Status of Greek Culture in Cicero’s De Oratore"; William Stuart Kerr, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, "David Hume’s Perspective on Cultural Relativism"; Richard Skinner, St. Edward’s University, "The Global Context of More’s Utopia"; Martin Tracey, Benedictine University, "Morality and Advantage in Cicero’s On Duties."(4)
   Chair: M. David Eckel, Boston University

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12:05-12:55 PM Lunch
12:55-1:55 PM Plenary Speakers: Jean and Robert Hollander, Poet and Professor Emeritus, Princeton University. Title of Addresses to be announced.
2:10-3:55 PM Saturday Afternoon, First Panels
The Phaedrus
Randall Cream, University of South Carolina, "The Game of Counterfeit in the Early Phaedrus"; Jeff Osborne, Murray State University, "Learning by Heart: Teaching Writing with Plato’s Phaedrus."(2)
   Chair: Hudson Reynolds, Saint Leo University
Dual Natures, Dual Kingdoms, Dante: What Are Humans Fit For?
Steven Berg, Bellarmine University, "The Sins and Errors of Statius: Dante’s Purgatory, Cantos XXI-XXII"; Marc Albert LePain, Assumption College, "The Griffin Reflected"; Glenn A. Steinberg, The College of New Jersey, "Dante’s Psychology of Human Failing and Success"; James F. Walter, Southeastern Louisiana University, "Saints in Dante’s Paradise." (4)
   Chair: Robert Hollander, Princeton University
Learning to Look: The Different Lens of Islam and Islamic Culture
Laurel Ellen Eason, Catawba College, "Oprhan Pamuk’s ’Implied Reader’ for the Novel Snow"; Terese B. Hartman, Lynchburg College, "Teaching the Qur’an, Learning the Culture"; Jeremiah John, Southern Virginia University, "Human Law and Divine Law in Ibn Khaldun’s Maqaddimah."(3)
   Chair: David Peddle, Memorial University
The Revolutionary Thought of Montequieu and Locke: Do We Appreciate Them?
Doug Chalmers, Columbia University, "John Locke as a Core Text for Liberal Education"; Donald Marshall, Pepperdine University, "The Right of Revolution in Locke’s Second Treatise of Government"; David Shiner, Shimer College, "Montesquieu’s Niche in Western Political Philosophy."(3)
   Chair: Ann Charney Colmo, Dominican University
Inspiration, Revelry, and Meditation: Passions on the Margins Moving the Body Politic
John Leslie Faichney, University of Waterloo, "Plato’s Ion as a Contribution to Political Philosophy"; Emily Heyne, University of Dallas, "An Initiation into Revelry; The Influence of Dionysian Mythology in Melville’s Moby Dick"; Antonino Scarpati, College of New Jersey, "Core Texts and Leadership for Social Justice: Exploring Hesse’s Siddartha and the Dalai Lama’s Becoming Enlightened."(3)
   Chair: Anna Lännström, Stonehill College
Revisiting Neo-Platonists and their Religious and Intellectual Descendants in the Core
Jason Giannetti, Regis College, "’The Hymn of the Robe of Glory’: Allegory and Alethea"; Daniel F. Wilband, University of King’s College, ""Entirely of that World’: Teaching the Greek Neo-Platonists as Core Texts"; Marie Michelle Wilband, University of King’s College, "’You must never divulge things divine to the uninitiated’: Teaching the Mysticism of Dionysus the Areopagite."(3)
   Chair: Brian Braman, Boston College
The Novel as Philosophic Inquiry
Michael V. Chiariello, St. Bonaventure University, "Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose: Engaging the Medieval Franciscan World with Postmodern Undergraduates"; Chad Arnold, Saint Mary’s College of California, "The World Equally: Quotidian Religion in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway"; Ken Girard Parker, Orange Coast Community College, "From Tralfamadore to Athens (and Back)."(3)
   Chair: Jean-Marie Kauth, Benedictine University
Poetry and Words
Veronica Cowan, Catholic University of America, "The Building from Horace’s Metaphorical Monument to Shakespeare’s Metaphorical Miracle in Sonnet 65"; Scott Dransfield, Southern Virginia University, "Translation and Intertextuality: Robert Fagles’ Borrowings from W. B. Yeats"; Paul Weinhold, University of Dallas, "Shakespeare’s Sonnet 65: A Trivial Miracle."(3)
   Chair: Frank Rohmer, Austin College
Departmental Resistance to Core Texts
Gillon Levi Crichton, Yale University, "The Rhetoric of Economics"; John Doody, Villanova University, "On Villanova’s New Core"; Stephanie Nelson, Boston University, to be announced; Norma Thompson, Yale University, "Five Keys to Success for One Core Program." (4)
   Chair: Rick Kamber, College of New Jersey
Exploring the Burdens and Responsibilities of Adulthood and Parenthood
John Armstrong, Southern Virginia University, "The Family as the Basic Unit of Society in Lucretius"; Roderick P. Hughes, Saint Bonaventure University, "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg: How Deep the Subversion"; Philip Pajakowski, Saint Anselm College, "Fatherhood, Criminality, and Authority in Freud’s Totem and Taboo"; Stephen Charles Zelnick, Temple University, "The True Ground of ’All these piteous woes’."(4)
   Chair: Phil Sloan, University of Notre Dame
Thinking, Learning, and Knowing through Religious Core Texts
Ryan Daniel Chaney, Columbia University, "Re-thinking Scriptural Epistemology"; Richard Liddy, Seton Hall University, "Critical Thinking: Contexts and Bernard Lonergan’s Insight"; Scott D. Moringiello, Villanova University, "Early Christian Texts in the Core: the Case of Irenaeus and the Gospel of Philip"; David Peddle, Memorial University, "Augustine’s Trinity."(4)
   Chair: Patrick Flynn, Benedictine University
Magnitude, Numbers, and Good Ideas in Liberal Arts Education
Robert D. Anderson, Saint Anselm College, "Intuition and Pascal’s Generation of Conic Sections"; Robert Blumenthal, Georgia College & State University, "The Role of Mathematics in a Liberal Arts Core Curriculum"; Tim Haresign, Richard Stockton College, "Newton’s Principia: The Unteachable Core Text?"; Julie A. Reahard, Saint John’s College, Santa Fe, "Core Texts in Mathematics: Richard Dedekind, Number, and the Mind."(4)
   Chair: Michael Dink, St. John’s College, Annapolis
Student Panel on Core Texts: Seton Hall and Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Students Present
Alaina Golden, Richard Stockton College, "The State of Nature and the Tao: Hobbes, Darwin and Lao Tsu." Eric Jones, Richard Stockton College, "Applying G.W.F Hegel’s Philosophy of Fine Art to Modern Art." John Polanin, Seton Hall University, "Socrates’ Euthyphro and Persecution Through the Ages." Mac Walton, Seton Hall University, "C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, and the Law of Nature."
   Chair, Marian Glenn, Seton Hall University, and Jamie Cromartie, Richard Stockton College
An Informal Gathering on Canadian Liberal Education
This gathering is an opportunity to meet Canadians in core text education. All ACTC attendees who have an interest are invited to join the gathering.
   Organizer: David Livingstone, Vancouver Island University

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4:15-6:00 PM Saturday Afternoon, Second Session Panels
Uneasy Relations: Science and Cultural Life
J. Scott Miller, Brigham Young University, "The Feline Agent of Karmic Retribution: Poe’s Black Cat in Japan"; James N. Roney, Juniata College, "Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons: An Essay on Science, Social Activism, Love, and Happiness."(2)
   Chair: Charles Fisher, Aims Community College
Heroism, Anti-Heroes, and Leadership
Roger M. Barrus, Hampden-Sydney College, "Dante and the ’Fine School’ of the Homeric Poets"; Kristen Coster, University of Dallas, "Virgil’s Deism: Creating a World without Gods"; Glencora C. Cowan, Duquesne University, "The Belt that Holds the Fate of Rome: A Reconsideration of the Final Scene in Virgil’s Aeneid"; Stephen Slimp, University of West Alabama, "Genre and Definition in Paradise Lost."(3)
   Chair: Cynthia Wells, Messiah College
Revisiting Neo-Platonists and their Religious and Intellectual Descendants in the Core
Jason Giannetti, Regis College, "’The Hymn of the Robe of Glory’: Allegory and Alethea"; Daniel F. Wilband, University of King’s College, ""Entirely of that World’: Teaching the Greek Neo-Platonists as Core Texts"; Marie Michelle Wilband, University of King’s College, "’You must never divulge things divine to the uninitiated’: Teaching the Mysticism of Dionysus the Areopagite."(3)
   Chair: Brian Braman, Boston College
Reverberations: Earlier Artworks in Later Arts and Eras
Charles Andrew Hilken, Saint Mary’s College of California, "The Male Gaze or Spiritual Regard?" Mona Lynn Holmlund, University of Saskatchewan, "Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Victorian Ophelias and Popular Culture"; Lee T. Lovallo, National University, "Theatric Music in Greek Settings, Then and Now"; Henriette M. Morelli, University of Saskatchewan, "’Immortality in Culture’: Donne’s Holy Sonnets in Margaret Edson’s Wit."(4)
   Chair: Catherine Goebel, Augustana College
Moral Theory, Action, and Education: Their Possibilities
Melissa Ann Bachynski, University of Western Ontario, "’Life Should Be Just So’: Self-Esteem and Morality in James Joyce’s Ulysses"; Irfan Khawaja, Felician College, "Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North and the Pathologies of Moral Philosophy"(3)
   Chair: Eric Berg, MacMurray College
Pleasure: Core Text Debates
Spencer Hall, Rhode Island College, "William Wordsworth: Apostle of Pleasure"; Mark Kremer, Kennesaw State University, "Rousseau’s Critique of Cosmopolitanism"; Nicholas Margaritis, Western Washington State University, "Ovid’s Metamorphoses or the Case for Spiritual Hedonism."(4)
   Chair: Charles Hamaker, Saint Mary’s College of California
What is the Self?
Steven George Affeldt, Independent Scholar, "’And the eyes of them both were opened": Reading Genesis after Kant"; Paul R. Douillard, Caldwell College, "The concept of a true man (un vrai homme) in Descartes’ Discourse on Method."; Daniel P. Maher, "Aristotle on the Self"; Leonard R. Sorenson, Assumption College, "Rousseau: What is a Person?"(4)
   Chair: Leonard Rick Sorenson, Assumption College
Empire, Encounters, Cultures: Moving from One World to Another
David Calvin Heckel, Pfeiffer University, "Appropriation and Universalization: Reading Brook Reading the Mahabharata"; Alice Speh, West Chester University, "Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Cameron’s Avatar Through the Lens of Intercultural Competence" William Stull, Colgate University, "Encountering Empire in Aeneid 6"; Ronald J. Weber, University of Texas at El Paso, "Polo, Mandeville, and Ricci."(4)
   Chair: Robert Gardner, Saint Mary’s College of California
Words on War: War on Words
Robert John Anderson, College of New Jersey, "Truth, Reason, and Freedom: C. Wright Mills’ The Power Elite Revisited"; Ann McGlashan, Baylor University, "Better to Have Daughters: War through the Lens of the T’ang Dynasty"; Lynn Tatum, Baylor University, "Morte d’Arthur’s Chivalric Code and the Nexus with Contemporary Military Myth Making"; Barbara Witucki, Utica College, "The Man Meets the Myth: Hercules Furens."(4)
   Chair: James Woelfel, University of Kansas
On Evil
Daniel George Lang, Lynchburg College, "Tragedy, Evil, and Politics: Reinhold Niebuhr’s The Irony of American History"; Tim Meinke, Lynchburg College, "Teaching Students About Evil and Politics"; Joshua A. Shmikler, Boston College, "Teaching Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem as a Introduction to Philosophy."(3)
   Chair: Keith Francis, Baylor University
Student Citizens: Criticism, Virtues, and Acts
Mark Blackell, Vancouver Island University, "Humanities Education and the Hidden Civic Virtue of Doubt"; Michael Ditmore, Pepperdine University, "Thinking Rules and Applications: The Value of Theoretical Criticism"; David Mikics, University of Houston, "Genesis and Thucydides: Eros and the City"; Judith Wermuth-Atkinson, Columbia University, "The Unfinished Drama of Faust and the Core Student."(4)
   Chair: John Ruff, Valparaiso University
Screening Early Canonical Works: Opening Texts through Films
Anne Marie Flanagan, University of the Sciences, "After the Tower of Babel: Reassembling Mankind"; John Isham, Carthage College, "Turning and Returning to Core Texts"’; John P. Wargacki and Debra Zinicola, Seton Hall University, "Integrating Core and Culture: Using Contemporary Multimedia to Complement the Literary Text."(3-4)
   Chair: David Clemens, Monterey Peninsula College
Sponsor and Co-sponsor College Students Discuss Core Texts
To be announced.
Board of ACTC Liberal Arts Institute Meeting
Representatives to the Advisory Board of the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute and parties interested in having their institution join the Institute will meet for an informal meeting on prospective projects of the Institute in the next two years.
   Chair: J. Scott Lee, ACTC

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9:00-9:45 AM Continental Breakfast
9:45-11:00 AM Business Meeting
Conference Closes
Thanks for coming!
Additional Attendees not presenting papers:

Scott Ashmon Concordia University (CA)
Eric Bjornaas Berg, MacMurray College
Brian Braman, Boston College
David A. Berry, Community College Humanities Association
Daniel Born, Great Books Foundation
Jeffrey Brenzel, Yale University
Greg Alan Camp, Fresno Pacific University
Brent Cejda, University of Nebraska
David Clemens, Monterey Peninsula University
Patty Crowe, Richer Resources Publications
Janine de Novais, Columbia University
David Joseph DiMattio, St. Bonaventure University
Michael Dink, St. John’s College, Annapolis
Patricia Greer, St. John’s College, Santa Fe
Michael K. Heaney, Trinity College
Michael Hembree, Johnson County Community College
David Horvath, Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co.
Bruce A. Kimball, Ohio State University
Anne Leavitt, Vancouver Island University
Thomas K. Lindsay, Shimer College
Jeffrey Martineau, American Academy for Liberal Education
Lucy Miskin, Copley/XanEdu Publishing
Don LePan, Broadview Press
Brian Rak, Hackett Publishing Co.
Eric Schwarze, Aurora University
Jane S. Shaw, The John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
Peter W. Shoemaker, Catholic University of America
Frances Sweeney, Saint Mary’s College of California
Grant Venerable, Lincoln University
Daniel Ross van Voorhis, Concordia University (CA)
Gladys Willis, Lincoln University
Charles Wilson, St. Olaf College
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